Tickets may be purchased online. Following the state guidelines, all people 6 years and older are required to wear a mask. To purchase tickets, hit the register button, then events, then select the date and time you wish to come. Members also need to make reservations for tickets (the tickets are free with membership). Members time slot will be held until 10:30.

Tickets are limited to 50 per time slot. If there are tickets available at a time slot, walk-in patrons will be allowed, but must leave at the end of the time slot.

All non-permanent items will be removed from the Museum floor. Each visitor group will be provided with a bag of exhibit parts to be used as they travel from exhibit to exhibit. Upon arrival, visitors will select a time to use the Light Bright and Zoom Tubes and will check out the pegs and scarves for those exhibits. The exhibit parts will be turned in at the end of each visit and will be sanitized for the next group.

Staff will be sanitizing the Museum during the day and sanitizing wipes are located throughout the Museum for visitors to wipe down exhibits if they choose to prior to using. Hand sanitizer is located throughout the Museum.

Days and Hours:

Tuesday - Friday 10-4

Saturday 10-5

Sunday 1-5

Admission Rates:

  • $9.00 1-54 years old
  • $8.00 55+
  • $8.00 Military Discount
  • $6.00 Group Visit Rate (10 or more children in the group and at least 24 hour advance reservations.)
  • Members receive free admission for the year as part of their membership
  • The Explorium participates in the Association of Children’s Museums reciprocal membership program.


Located at 440 West Short Street in The Square



Recommended ages:

1 – 10 years of age

Anyone with a curious nature who loves to learn!

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